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Somfy Expert

Our company is a certified Somfy expert partner of SOMFY

Unique technologies such as "Touch motion" open/close​ the curtains with a soft touch, light sensors measure the intensity of the sun and adjust the internal shading (blinds, blinds, royal etc.) according to the demands​ ​protecting the interior of the house, covers, fabrics and​​ ​y​our carpets.

In addition to the traditional RTS radio protocol,​with millions of installed devices worldwide, SOMFY has developed the io-homecontrol® multi-signal wireless technology that enables you to remotely control all your devices in real-time with status reporting, automating all processes (shading systems , Lights, gates, garage doors, heating, alarm system, cameras, sensors, etc.) and incorporating them into the central TaHoma® software, which allows you to easily control y​our​ ​entire ​home or office from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
The system provides maximum flexibility on​ ​adding new devices and an excellent level of security with an exclusive encryption key for each installation.
The "smart home" is here and ​it ​is waiting for you to meet and love it!

Somfy, the number one company worldwide in mechanisms and automation for homes and buildings, was founded in France (Cluses, Haute-Savoie) in 1969. Somfy's international distribution network is supported by 76 subsidiaries and 13 branches in 52 countries throughout the Continent. With 7 production units and with the aim of producing high quality products, Somfy serves the needs of 220m. consumers and 30,000 professionals worldwide. Somfy manufactures and distributes automatic control mechanisms for indoor and outdoor shading systems (curtains, roller blinds, roman blinds, venetian blinds, projection screens) and building control systems, offering complete electrification solutions

Alloffice Rodas in Maroussi, having the certification as a Somfy Expert, will advise you and give you the best solution it offers through Somfy products and applications with electric drive and automation in internal and external shading systems (curtains, roller blinds, Roman blinds, etc.)


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Open and close your curtains with the push of a button...

Make your life easy! With the push of a button, your electric curtains move from one side to the other, being able to stop them where you want. The smooth opening and closing of the curtain protects the mechanism and the fabric, increasing the longevity of the installation.

Silent mode

Our new range of motorized systems was created to guarantee you a peaceful and quiet home. As your peace of mind is a priority for us, our curtains open and close discreetly without causing any annoying noise.

 Touch operation

If you gently pull the curtains, this activates the motor and then automatically opens your curtain.

Performance & protection

To protect and extend the life of your curtains, we have created efficient, high-precision mechanisms. With Somfy Solutions, your curtains will always be perfectly aligned to create an elegant atmosphere.


Extremely quiet motor!


Glydea™ Ultra is a new top-of-the-line and silent curtain track mechanism that blends seamlessly into any decor.

It is suitable for all types of curtains: classic, pleated, ... And for all types of fabrics: linen, velvet, etc. It can handle curtains weighing up to 60 kg with a track length of 12 meters.

Glydea™ Ultra fits straight and curved tracks.



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Automate your roller blinds for ideal shading conditions...

... and win in comfort, since by combining them with sun sensors they protect you and your space automatically!

4 good reasons to choose electric roller blinds:

Keep your home cool. Whenever the sun sensor detects a sudden rise in temperature, your outdoor blinds will automatically lower to maintain the optimum temperature inside your home.
Protect yourself from prying eyes. When night falls and your lights come on, program your outdoor blinds to come down to protect your privacy.
Central command. With a simple touch or a voice command, all external roller blinds close when you leave the house and open them again when you return home.
Remote control. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can view the TaHoma® app and control your electric outdoor blinds. Check everything with one click.

Maestria +50 io

Somfy 3370 Sonesse 50 RS485 

Wireless or wired roller blind motor, with previous features to match all the particularities of the roller blind.

The Maestria 50 motor is designed for various types of external vertical roller blinds: classic, zipped or locking roller blinds.


Outdoor Horizontal Blinds - An excellent shading solution for all residences.

Outdoor roller blinds - For complete protection from the sun and prying eyes.

Powered external blinds provide the ideal solution for efficient light management in your home. An electric outdoor blind ensures that your home stays pleasantly cool in summer and that plants and furniture are protected from the damage that bright light can cause thanks to the adjustable rails.

Powered external blinds are usually installed by a professional who should be able to help you with choosing a motor.

Our complete range adapts to all your needs using different technologies (wireless, wired motor...).

New TaHoma Switch!

Make your home smart and manage it from your mobile!


Compatible with over 300 Somfy products...

Household rolls
Awnings and pergolas
Front doors, Garage doors
Alarm systems
Voice assistants.

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Somfy Tahoma & Conexoon devices allow us to remotely control and program most devices and functions in our home.

It is easily handled through a platform which is available for smartphones & tablets.

io - homecontrol

Multi-signal wireless technology!

You can control your devices without having to move. It is ideal for remote product control.
The encryption key is unique to each installation for secure communication between products.
Roller motors with io technology have a 7-year warranty!

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