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In Greece, we ​are experienced in sun and heat!

We enjoy their beneficial properties but, at the same time, we suffer from the heat accumulation inside our buildings.

Thermal space protection can be achieved with external shading systems (blinds, shutters, blades) that prevent up to 80% direct contact of the solar radiation with the static building structure, lowering the temperature up to 15 ° C.

In this way, cooling costs are drastically reduced, pleasant indoor temperatures are created, inconvenient reflections are reduced, occupants' mood​ ​is improved and workplace productivity is increased.

External shading can be applied to any new or existing building, and most systems can be automated ​in order ​​to ​be ​control​ed​ ​by our phone or computer.​

Ext.Shading Pergola 01
Ext.Shading Pergola 02
Ext.Shading Pergola 03
Ext.Shading Pergola 04
Ext.Shading Pergola 05
Ext.Shading Side Screen 01
Ext.Shading Side Screen 02
Ext.Shading Persides 01
Ext.Shading Persides 02
Ext.Shading Persides 03
Ext.Shading Persides 04
Ext.Shading Persides 05
Ext.Shading Persides 06
Ext.Shading Persides 07
Ext.Shading Persides 08
Ext.Shading Persides 09
Ext.Shading Persides 10
Ext.Shading Persides 11
Ext.Shading Pterygia 01
Ext.Shading Pterygia 02
Ext.Shading Pterygia 03
Ext.Shading Pterygia 04
Ext.Shading Pterygia 05
Ext.Shading Pterygia 06
Ext.Shading Pterygia 07
Ext.Shading Pterygia 08
Ext.Shading Pterygia 09
Ext.Shading Pterygia 10
Ext.Shading Pterygia 11
Ext.Shading Ex.Rolokourtina 01
Ext.Shading Ex.Rolokourtina 02
Ext.Shading Ex.Rolokourtina 03
Ext.Shading Ex.Rolokourtina 08
Ext.Shading Ex.Rolokourtina 09
Ext.Shading Ex.Rolokourtina 10
Ext.Shading Ex.Rolokourtina 11
Ext.Shading Ex.Rolokourtina 13
Ext.Shading Ex.Rolokourtina 14
Ext.Shading Ex.Rolokourtina 15
Ext.Shading Ex.Rolokourtina 16
Ext.Shading Ex.Rolokourtina 17
Ext.Shading Pterygia 12