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The tapestry (Italian Tappezzeria, Latin tapitium) comes from the ancient Greek tile, which was usually an animal skin that was moored on the rubble floors.

The European Renaissance elite used to hang carpets on the wall, a habit during time was​ ​replaced by the printed wallpaper​ ​which was ​introduced by the​ ​middle class​​.

Despite its old history, wallpaper has not only survived, bu​t​ it ​​characterised ​in the twentieth century as one of the most important types of home decoration in Europe and the US.

Nowadays, the upholstery has passed to a new level, being the best and simplest solution for ​the renovation​ ​of every space, from small houses​​ ​to large hotels​.

​Usually as a pattern on large surfaces, sometimes as a detail, wallpaper gives you countless possibilities for immediate and easy change depending on the season, the mood, ​and ​our professional goals.

Our company has an inexhaustible range of designs, colours  materials on wallpapers of exceptional quality and durability (paper, vinyl, non-woven, silk) as well as the ability to print your own theme for a completely personalised solution that fully meets the needs and your expectations.

Here you will find products from big companies such as:

  • Casadeco
  • Texdecor
  • Kroma
  • Atlas
  • Lutece
  • Sanderson