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Exterior Venetian Blinds

Exterior Shutters

Exterior horizontal shutter systems are an integrated and modern shading proposal that plays a determinant role in the bioclimatic building design and the formation of an elegant building façade. The many benefits of exterior shutters become quickly apparent through the drastic reduction of interior temperatures and cooling expenses.

Advantages of exterior shutter systems in brief:

  • Exterior shutters have the ability to absorb and deflect up to 80% of the sun’s radiation that hits their surface, before it comes in contact with the glass windows.
  • As a consequence, there is significant saving of energy and decrease in climatization costs up to 40%.
  • Exterior shutters offer effective protection from the sun’s rays and unobstructed views through the windows. Due to the fact that shutter slats can “lock” to any position, we can constantly control the amount of light that enters our space and, therefore, maintain the desired level of “communication” between the inside and the outside. Inclination of slats permits us to be fully protected by indiscreet looks or fully visible, as well as to let all the sun in or have total blackout when needed.

In addition, shutter systems can be applied in patios, pergolas and other types of customised or special structures.

Exterior shutters aare made of high durability aluminium and painted in any colour from a RAL palette. They can be manually or electrically operated, remote controlled (even by smartphone) and fully automated by means of sensors and a central control unit (Somfy TaHoma / Connexoon). 


Our specialisation in installing SOMFY motors in our electrically operated shading systems, allows us to propose the optimal solution for each shading application and offer the highest standards of services (diagnosis, technical and aesthetic advice, pricing and on-site installation)

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Most electric shading systems and Somfy automations are available to see and test at our showroom in Marousi, Athens // ALLHOME-ΡΟΔΑΣ / Contact >>