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Sisal rugs


Sisal rugs and carpets are made of the natural fibres of Agave Sisalana cactus, a plant that is indigenous to South Mexico but cultivated in many parts of the world, due to the extraordinary characteristics of its fibres.

It is an ecological material that radiates warmth and the natural finesse of eartly tones while, at the same time, it is very resistant to heavy use, suitable for areas with high traffic, it is made to withstand static weights (furniture etc.), wear and tear and it also has soundproofing qualities higher than those of other carpet types.

Sisal carpets are very resistant to the ravages of time, they do not produce static electricity, they do not accumulate allergenic agents nor store dust inside them, they are difficult to stain and easy to clean.

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For the bordering of Sisal rugs, a large variety of fine materials like leather, wool, linen etc. is available.


Wool is one of the most common natural materials of animal origin (mainly sheep), consisting of fibres shorter and thicker than artificial ones, which have a tendancy to curl and compress between them to form very strong fabrics, clothes, rugs and other everyday objects.

The curled fibres trap air, making them very good thermal insulators against cold or heat respectively, making woolen clothes suitable throughout the year.

Except for thermal insulation, wool also has very good sound insulation capacity and it is very hydrophylic, capable of absorbing water equal to of its weight.

Wool is mostly off-white in colour but some animal species produce natural black, brown or mixed colours of wool.

Compared to other natural fibres, wool has a high combustion coefficient, meaning it cannot catch fire as easily as e.g. cotton or synthetic fibres and when it burns, the flames advance slowly, the burning surface temperature is lower and the fumes produced are non-toxic. The burning surface quickly becomes charred, preventing total combustion. This is the reason why wool is ideal for flooring (carpets), car upholstery as well as special clothing for firefighters, army personnel and so on.

Apart from their extraordinary characteristics, woolen carpets bring a natural and luxurious feeling into every room, offering a comfortable sense of step, even with bare feet.


Leather is the first and most rudimentary material of animal origin ever used by man. Prehistoric people made clothes, shoes, huts and rugs of leather, to protect their bodies from the harsh prevailing weather phenomena.

Through the ages, leather and fur products have conveyed the feeling of this primeval connection to the “unpolished” side of our inner self, becoming one of the most commonly used materials for clothing and decoration nowadays.

Leather’s ability to “breathe” through its fibers makes it irreplaceable by anything artificial and helps it retain its high place in the world of fashion, regardless of seasonal tendencies.

Leather rugs are characteristic for their wild looks and natural feeling to the touch.

In our modern times, industrialization of leather rugs has led to designs of unparallel beauty and originality, full of shapes, motifs, colours and textures, producing objects of higher finesse, able to boost the appearance of even the most “difficult” office or residence.

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