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organic floor

Organic floor

Organic floors

Organic floors, is a new and innivative category of flooring materials made of a combination of renewable raw materials and natural additives like canola oil, castor oil and chalk.

They do not contain pvc, chlorines, plasticizers, dilutants or petrochemical byproducts, they are ecological, odourless and do not emit any harmful substances, making them mostly suitable for spaces where children live and play. 

Even in the event of a fire, organic floors are safe as they produce very little smoke, without any toxic fumes involved.

Although especially durable in tension and compression as well as extremely resistant to wear and tear by furniture or other static weights, organic floors are very soft to the touch and guarantee comfortable, noiseless walking. They do not discolorate in the sun and are 100% recyclable.

Organic floors come in rolls or planks made to be glued directly onto the existing floor underneath or planks to be installed “free-floating” and secured together with the especially developed click-system that leaves no visible joints, allowing for easier cleaning and minimizing the possibility of water filtering through and stagnating underneath the floor.

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