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Avatara-Multisense-Floor®  is the name of a new, dynamic family of floors by the German group Ter Hürne, that ideally combines cutting edge technology and natural beauty.

It’s not laminate, it’s not parquet!

Avatara consists of multiple layers of material, especially designed to offer the maximum soundproofing (reduction of impact sound by 18db), a great walking sensation and unmatched feeling of touch.

Avatara is absolutely odourless and exceptionally strong due to its high density fiberboard (HDF) and its final elastic polymer film coating that maximizes resistence to moisture and averts spot swelling and blistering.

The most innovative characteristic of Multisense-Floor® technology, is that the pattern is printed in HD directly onto the base material, in contrast with the classic laminated floor where the pattern is printed on paper that is then applied on the board.

Using this method, Avatara-Multisense-Floor® achieves the best representation of natural materials (1 million colours), without repetition of the same pattern (knots, grooves, cracks etc.) as with other types of flooring.

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