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External blades

Architectural Shading Blades

The adjustable / rotating shading blades can be made of aluminium, wood or glass and are among the most elegant and most efficient shading and protection means, due to the fact that except for the ideal regulation of light, their robust construction offers added safety against natural phenomena and intruders.

The modern design line of exterior blades is easy to adapt onto any building façade or into any window recess, without the need for any additional support structure.

The side guides as well as all other parts are made of high durability electrostatically painted aluminium and can also be made to resemble the visual effect of timber (woodlook).

Some of the many advantages of exterior architectural shading blades can be summarized as follows:

  • Energy saving

Exterior blades have the ability to absorb and deflect 80% of the sun’s radiation, resulting to significant cost saving by decreasing the energy demand for cooling the building up to 40%.

  • Application

The elegant design of exterior blades allows them to become an integral part of every type of building, where the need for better interior living and working conditions through the control of light is necessary.

  • Control

Controlling the movement of blades can be achieved manually, electrically (by switch or remote) or completely automatically with the addition of a central control unit (Somfy TaHoma / Connexoon)

  • Electric control / Automation / Installation


Our specialisation in installing SOMFY motors in our electrically operated shading systems, allows us to propose the optimal solution for each shading application and offer the highest standards of services (diagnosis, technical and aesthetic advice, pricing and on-site installation)

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